Mar. 29th, 2009

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Man. I was gonna get stuff done today. Like, I was going to clean my room and get all my paperwork ready for going to Dresden tomorrow, and do laundry and read a ton.

Then I woke up at 11 and discovered that our water is off for the building. No laundry, no doing the dishes, no cleaning. No flushing the toilet, for fuck's sake.

It's funny that, day to day, I don't really feel the need to learn more Czech than I already know, because I get around fine. But about once every month or so, something like this happens, where I know there was a sign posted or an announcement made, and because I couldn't understand it, I'm missing vital information. Or I get into a situation where I desperately need to make someone understand specific information, and I have to worry about whether it's even possible, whether a translator or an expert English user can even be found. And then I realize that if I stay here, my first priority should be getting into a Czech for foreigners class, pronto.

And I don't shower every day (you don't actually need to and it takes too much time, and no one can tell me different), but I can't imagine doing anything before I've brushed my teeth. Which I also can't do. So fuck it, I'm going to stay in bed and tool around on the internet and basically waste time until we have water again.

Although, I don't care if I can't brush my teeth, I AM going to see Watchmen tonight. It came out here at the same time as in the U.S., which never happens, but my work schedule has so far kept me from seeing it. This is the night, and nothing will stop me.

Dresden tomorrow for visa stuff, which means that after that point, Official People will know who I am and where I live, so I will be a lot closer to either being legal here, or being deported. Fun stuff.



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