Oct. 9th, 2011

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I am sitting in the airport, waiting to go to LA. Right now my major stress is worrying whether the ticket counter for my airline will be manned by the time I need to check in & go through security. Being me, I ran out of the house without printing my boarding passes, so if they're not here within the next hour I will have to face the horror of finding & asking a stranger what to do.

Also I am very very cold in the airport. I didn't want to bulk up my luggage (that I paid $25 for) with a sweater when it's going to be 80 degrees in LA. Of course, I Tweeted this and right away an LA friend was like, You know it gets really cold at night here, right? NO SIR I DID NOT. I just hope it's good & toasty during the day. I like the fall weather we've been having here (pretty crisp fall weather, after 2 straight weeks of pseudo-winter with the greyness and rain), but essentially, if I'm not slightly baking, I'm cold.

Here, have a picture of the moon setting at Dulles like five minutes ago:

I am not sure what all is going on in LA. I know some HitRECord people are out there already (sending drunk texts to Twitter emphasizing the good time they were having while I was settling down for a long airport wait, the bastards). The show is on Monday evening. I know I would like to get a helix piercing (my sixth) at some point to commemorate my travels. Basically all the rest of the time is up in the air as far as I know. My number is 240 678 6136 if you want to do something!

Right now I just really want something to drink. In a fit of trying to consume all my super-perishables before leaving, I had a huge bacon sandwich right before Krystle showed up to drive me to the airport, and I am parched. And still managed to forget to eat the last serving of homemade clam chowder sitting at the bottom of my fridge. Which is a shame, because god damn that chowder was delicious.

(I've been getting a lot of mileage out of brokeassgourmet.com. I just did their smokey clam chowder, (although I tossed in some bacon anyway because what the hell why not), and when I get back I'm going to crack open some cans of pureed pumpkin and try my hand at pumpkin soup).

Now it is nearly 5 AM, I have been in the airport for 2 hours, and I see the US Airways desk finally has staff working (the poor bastards). Off I go to LA! Everyone think 'plane stay up' thoughts for me!



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