Jun. 27th, 2009

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Okay, so. I have been home from Prague for almost a week now. For the most part, I'm going a bit crazy with wanting to be back. But then, I haven't managed to see all my home- and school-friends yet. For example, I am seeing Krystle today, and I imagine that will improve my mood towards the entire country a huge amount.

My parents have been amazingly friendly and chill, and I think that part of this is because for once I am feeling friendly and chill towards them. I still sometimes get "tone" when my mother asks me questions (on the subject of going to a dinner party at Best Friend David's girlfriend's house: "I didn't know David had a girlfriend." "Neither did I." "How did he meet her?" "I don't know." "What's her name?" "I don't know." "So... he really has a girlfriend??" "-sigh- Yes, Mom."). But for the most part, we've been able to treat each other as adults, which is pretty much all I've ever wanted.

Other adult-things I've done include setting up my own phone account (pay-as-you-go, so not quite so responsible), and signing up for my own car insurance. Now that I have these things, I need to get a job post-haste. If anybody wants to be on my resume beta committee, let me know, since the thing's been going through multiple rounds of drafts preparatory to applying for jobs.

And let's see, what else... I've made new friends, at the aforementioned dinner-party-of-Best-Friend-David's-Girlfriend. Considering how socially awkward I normally am, I'm not sure I ever realized how easy it is to make new friends in America compared to other places. I mean, obviously the fact that we all speak the same language greases those early meet-and-greet wheels hugely. In any case, it was nice to meet so many new people.

Also Best Friend David's Girlfriend (hereafter Emily), knows kung-fu, and invited me to come to practice with her. Which is amazing, as clearly I should be able to say "I know kung-fu," and also I was worried that I was going to become lazy and slovenly, going from walking everywhere in Prague to being back home where there are few safe places to walk and nowhere really to walk to. Also she and another girl at the party are really into Supernatural, and I think we have tentative plans for Supernatural viewing parties once the new season starts up. So yay for friends and social activity! If I have to be home from Prague for however long, at least I'll feel like I'm putting down roots here, and not just aimlessly hanging around wasting time until I can go back.

Krystle today, and giving Krystle her present. I am actually kind of a-twitter with excitement, since of the very few things I actually had time to miss while in Prague, Krystle was pretty much the most important one. (Well, her and my dog).


(Also, it occurs to me that, having mentioned my new phone, there are some people on here who might like the new number. If you're interested, send me an e-mail at ehenry718 at gmail and I'll give it to you).


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