May. 15th, 2009

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... and Rottin' in Denmark's post about Americans and their no-detail-too-small friendships is making me miss my American buddies. Despite the fact that there are two very loud Americans sitting next to me in this cafe annoying the fuck out of me.

Based on the above recommendation, I spent the last few minutes reading TFLN. And then I found this:

(301): When we talk. Remind me of these topics, photoshop, my bday, threesomes, and cherekee indians. I swear these are real topics...
(301): New topics to add when we talk, sweden, boxing, and the band journey

Guys, that is my area code. If it wasn't for the fact that 'Cherokee' is both misspelled and un-capitalized, I would 100% believe that one of my friends had written this. Man I miss those guys.
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Also. Yesterday, I had a few hours at home between classes, which usually doesn't happen. I was alone, both the roommates were at work.

On the way past Irish Roommate's room to the bathroom, I noticed his bedroom door was open most of the way. It usually isn't, so I, you know, poked a nose in and took a look around. As you do? I don't know if other people would do this, but I would and did.

And I noticed MY HAT on top of a plastic bag full of other stuff by the foot of his bed.

A note about this hat: My grandmother who I never met knit it for my father who later gave it to me. It is a nearly-exact replica of the hat worn by Waldo in the Where's Waldo? books. It's like the fucking crown jewels of my family.

Reader-input section: How do I get my hat back without letting IR know I was peeking into his room? The hat had been sitting in our dining room since after Christmas, so there's no real reason why I would be looking for it right now.

Also, backstory: Last week, I was looking for our flat's two potholders, and English Roommate was going crazy looking for one of our pots. Both of us questioned Irish Roommate, who denied any knowledge of same. This week, all three items are back in their rightful places. ER and I have conferred and ER says he SAW IR bringing them both out of his room, where clearly he had been hoarding them. I don't want to ask him about the hat, deny that he has it, and then keep it for himself to avoid getting caught in the lie.

Aid me, flist! To arms!


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