May. 9th, 2009

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Ugh. I am so stressed. Now, on top of the Visa stress that I've been eating my heart out over for the last month or more, I also get told that I can't re-sign my lease, so I have to find a place to live. Hello, I work six days a week, every week. Because I picked up some classes for a co-worker who went on vacation, I have some days for the next two weeks where I am literally working for 12 hours. A lot of that is traveling from class to class, but it's still hardcore doing-stuff-for work. And somewhere in all of my abundant free time, I have to find a place to live. In the height of tourist season. By June 30. Bitches.

Also I really love our house. I'm going to be heartbroken having to leave it, even if we find an acceptable place elsewhere. It has so much charm! I demand our new house have an equal or greater amount of charm.

Anyway, once this is over, Irish Roommate is probably going to go back to Ireland for a bit and then go off and teach somewhere else. It was never his intention to stay in Prague too long. English Roommate, on the other hand, wants to stay in Prague pretty much for the rest of his life, so assuming I get my visa and so will actually be able to move anywhere that isn't straight onto my Dad's couch, he will probably stick with me.

For preference, we would prefer to stay on the red line of the Metro, which is what both of our workplaces are near. And close to it, too, because right now we have a two-minute walk to get on the train and it's really nice. Some people I know have to get on the metro AND a tram to get home, and that just seems like a whole lot of waiting around. And I personally would love to stay in our neighborhood, Holešovice, which is far enough out of the town center to be Prague-charming without being the least bit touristy, but close enough to the center that it isn't Communist-era soulless like the immediate suburbs of Prague.

There's also a (very small) chance that I will move to Dobříš because of this. It would make getting to my very-early classes in Prague absolute hell, but I have to travel out that way four times a week as it is, so that would actually be less travel for me. Also it's ridiculously cheap there. I pay 7,000 crowns a month for just my room in my flat, and you can get a whole family-sized apartment in Dobříš for 3,000. So I have options.

Still. It's so irritating. I can't imagine we're going to get a place in this era that is as cheap and lovely as where we are now. I mean, for one thing, my room was huge. I'm sitting in a cafe right now where the entire thing, the tables and the counter space and everything, is actually smaller than the room I live in. And that's not counting the space added by my private balcony.

In any case, I couldn't really drive myself crazy about this, because my friends Dan Glassberg and Ian Prince from St. Mary's were here this week. It was completely different from when David came to visit earlier this month, where we had planned it for ages and the last two weeks before he came were basically my brain endlessly repeating "David's coming, David's coming!" Instead, I got a Facebook message on Sunday saying that they both had just finished semesters abroad in England, and were taking the first month of summer to see the continent, and could they stay with me for a week while they were in Prague? Then there was a bit of a mixup when a note they sent me at 4.30 AM on Monday said that they would arrive in Prague 'tomorrow', which meant Monday evening but I thought meant Tuesday... and basically I barely had time to realize that they would be here before they were calling and asking to be picked up from the train station.

I wasn't able to take any time off work to hang out with them, which was terrible, but I loved having them to look forward to every time I went home. I would say 90% of my friends are naturally gifted storytellers, and among this group, Dan and Ian are some of the best. I don't think I've laughed so long or so hard, or talked for so many hours at a stretch, as while the boys were here. They won't be back at St. Mary's in time for this year's graduation (tomorrow) which is too bad because my first impulse was to load them down with gifts and letters for everyone, but god. It was so good to see home friends again. I've been spoiled this month. It may be difficult to go back to my life of relative solitude now. More people should come see me in Prague!

This morning I saw them off at the train station on their way to Budapest and Romania. My life, while still excellent, got a little darker for their absence.

I just used that darkness to send off an e-mail to my landlord letting him in on my TEFL school's scheme for what they're going to do with the apartment we sub-leased from them. I somehow doubt that he's going to be chuffed to discover that they're planning to put a new group of four students in there every month from here on. I mean, I stayed in TEFL housing when I was in school, I saw how disgusting and run-down those places got after being used by successive groups of transient students. It may not help us keep the flat, but as long as I can make life a little harder for these people who fucked me over, I'll be happy.



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