Apr. 19th, 2009

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Well, David has gone home. I have an absolutely HUGE amount of stuff to write up about what we did while he was here, but it's a beautiful day so that will have to wait. We did do some very amazing stuff that I wouldn't have thought to do otherwise, so I am terrifically glad he came.

And sad he went, because within five hours of seeing him off to the airport, I was trying to make dinner. Hash browns, which I've never tried before but which turned out remarkably well despite the story I'm about to tell you. Which is that as I was trying to strain my diced potatoes, the pot slipped from one of my hands. I wound up pouring literally-boiling water all down one leg. I also gave both my roommates heart attacks from the scream I let out, because I really, really thought I was going to cover my whole body and have to go to the hospital.

So now I am the possessor, on the top of one thigh, of literally the hugest blister I have ever seen - and understand that while I do not spend a great deal of time looking at blisters, I have seen a few. This one is massive. Also coupled with a red streak down my leg that may or may not progress into further blistering.

That being said, it's still a lovely day, and I will be taking my current book (Les Miserables, which I've been kind of desultorily flipping through for more than the last month) to a beautiful garden David and I found in Malostranska yesterday while going to the Charles Bridge to get him his wish off the statue of St. John of Nepomuck. I like reading my books in amazing places. I find that for me, it enhances both the place and the book, rather than distracting me from both.



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