Jan. 1st, 2009

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Happy New Year's, everybody!

I rang in the new year standing in slippers and coat out on my balcony, watching approximately a million dollar's worth of incendiary devices being lit off all over the city. The nearest fireworks display was only half a block from us, but from our house we could see seven or eight different shows all going on at once. The entire horizon was lit up by fireworks. Maybe next year we'll put on our own show - unlike back at home, there are no laws keeping average citizens from getting their hands on the good stuff.

On the Charles Bridge, there are double rows of these fantastic old statues (although a lot of them are reproductions as the originals have been moved to keep them safe from weather and vandals). One of the statues has a bass plaque in the base, showing the scene of some martyr being killed by being thrown off the bridge. Depending on who you talk to, you rub either this one woman's back or a dog's belly that appear on the plaque, and you make a wish. But you only get one wish this way, ever, for your whole life. It's like Narnia, you don't get in via the same door twice.

So the first weekend I was here, I went to the wish-plaque. I kind of tried to think about my wish like a... responsible wish-maker? Is there even such a thing?

Anyway, I couldn't, because I already knew what I wanted right away. So I rubbed the plaque (woman and dog both), looked out on the lights reflecting off the Vltava river, and thought, I wish that I could stay here forever.

So I guess my new year's resolution is to do everything I can to make that wish come true.

And to remain completely fucking badass, of course.


ETA: If you look up John of Nepomuk in Wikipedia, you will see a picture of the statue and the two brass plaques, which are shiny on both the dog and the woman's back where people have been touching and wishing.


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